NIX underwater drones are a family of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) of different sizes and designed for various applications based on the technology of ultra-lightweight elastic variable geometry hull (US patent no. 9,776,694). Thanks to this technology, our drones can carry 10-100 times bigger payload than any traditional UUV of comparable weight. NIX drones are designed to be a part of modern net-centric inspect–maintain–repair system and offer a clean and cost-effective way to ensure safe and smooth operation of oil&gas infrastructure, offshore wind farms and underwater construction equipment. We make the underwater world accessible. 


Underwater infrastructure requires inspections, maintenance, and repairs, but:

  • ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) require big and expensive infrastructure and lots of additional personnel working in crowded, confined space.
  • Big companies of the ROV market were left unchallenged for years, which caused that the industry is dominated by outdated technology.
  • No easy way exists for the oil&gas industry and other offshore companies to provide their infrastructure with complex inspect–maintain–repair solution.

Due to those facts, operating offshore infrastructure is unnecessarily arduous, complicated, and thus expensive. Our drones offer a significant saving opportunity.

  • Fewer resources and ships needed for the same task.
  • Small deck footprint and weight. Less infrastructure required.
  • Drones as a part of a modern net-centric system.

Besides direct cost reduction, our solution offers long-term savings as it boosts infrastructure reliability.

For example, NIX500 (500kg of own weight) can perform the same tasks, as traditional work-class ROV (5000kg of own weight). NIX drones are so light they can be deployed from a helicopter to perform urgent and complicated tasks such as BOP intervention. In many scenarios, one chopper can replace ROV-carrying ship. The drone is deployed with radio communication buoy and can be controlled by a remote operator, while the helicopter is free to perform other duties.

Thanks to big payload and modularity, NIX drones can perform underwater tasks for such clients as:

  • Oil&gas
  • Deepwater oil&gas
  • Deep-sea mining
  • Seaports & Shipyards
  • Hydroelectric plants
  • Defense sector & border and coast guards
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Research, scientific and environmental assessment institutions


Dimentions 2000x350x350mm
Depth rating 400m
Payload 50kg
Weight in air 50kg
Equipment HD camera, sonar, basic manipulator
Battery life (inspection work) 8 hours per power pack
Tether length 200m - 2000m
NIX technology is patent protected (US patent no. 9,776,694, patent-pending in Poland - P.413003)


ROVs are currently used worldwide for a variety of tasks than would otherwise be dangerous or even impossible.

    Thanks to big payload and modularity, NIX LITE drones meet the inspection and maintenance needs for sectors:
  • - Seaports & Shipyards
  • - Hydroelectric plants
  • - Shallow water oil&gas
  • - Search and rescue teams
  • - Research, scientific and environmental assessment institutions
    The drone can carry out missions such as:
  • - Infrastructure inspection
  • - Search and recovery of sunk objects
  • - Basic underwater manipulation tasks
  • - Seabed mapping
August 2019

Prototype tested

The prototype of NIX LITE underwater drone was tested in a natural environment and confirmed our technology’s superiority over every…

December 2017

NCBR grant acquired

October 2017

US patent granted!

June 2017

NIX at Impact’17

On May 31 – June 1, the Impact ’17 Congress – the only event in the CEE region devoted entirely…

August 2016

Patent application filed in USA

August 2015

Patent application filed in Poland

July 2015

Proof of concept

First pre-prototype was successfully tested in a laboratory environment. Payload to curb weight ratio reached staggering 1,2:1.